Stott Outdoor Advertising is Northern California’s dominant outdoor advertising company. Our ads can be seen throughout the heart of Northern California (Redding, Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Yuba City and Modesto, among others) on Bulletins, Posters and Junior Posters, as well as Bus Shelters and Benches. Stott has expanded its reach into several counties in Nevada and Oregon and continues to search for additional opportunities.

What makes Stott the preferred outdoor advertising company? For starters, we’ve been in business since 1949 (serving exclusively Northern California for the first 42 years), so we understand what it takes to deliver a client’s message to an audience—we’ve evolved as the industry evolves.

Also, our attention to detail and ability to respond to client needs allow us to help hundreds of advertisers, from the small independent business to multi-national corporations.

Discover why Stott Outdoor Advertising has been connecting satisfied clients with their audiences for decades.